Author Topic: Vince McMahon and Johnny Ace Laurenitis under investigation....  (Read 776 times)


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Here we go again folks...

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is being investigated by WWE’s Board of Directors stemming from an alleged “hush pact” in the form of a $3 million settlement from McMahon to an ex-employee.

The bombshell report from the Wall Street Journal (h/t Wrestling Inc) alleges the 76-year-old McMahon was involved in an affair with a 41-year-old paralegal. The paralegal was reportedly paid a $100,000 increase after the affair begun, and before McMahon “gave her like a toy” to WWE Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis. The employee in question later served as an assistant to Laurinaitis, who many feel could be in a Tom Wambsgans role as a likely scapegoat.

During a year where backstage pro wrestling storylines across both WWE and AEW have trumped the television product in terms of intrigue, the Wall Street Journal broke the news of the biggest 2022 scandal to date.

Allegations of sexual misconduct have taken down one mogul after another during an era of female empowerment coinciding with the fall of countless male-dominated dynasties. Shane McMahon, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have all seen their power wane this past year—for one reason or another. Suddenly, Vince McMahon is in the crosshairs as fans continue to push the Twitter narrative of Nick Khan’s Succession-like rise to power at the expense of the McMahon family.