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CalvinH does a Warrior Dash.

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Fuck that was brutal! :'(...a lot harder then I thought it would be!
first mile and a half was a run{walk,crawl,stop and rest...}straight up a mountain.
no not a hill,a was at Windham Mt. in NY a ski resort.

honestly more then once I wanted to quit :-\ I saw people getting rides back down in quads less the half way up cuz they gave up,saw a girl crying, and a couple people puking on the sides of the trail.
my lower back,and leg was killing me and I got a nice killer cramp.

after half way it evened out and started back down the Mt...there were rope walls to climb,mud pits under barbed wire to crawl through,mud slides and other obstacles.

it took me one hour and five minutes :-\
i'll post up some pics when they are online

...can't wait to do another in Sept ;D

"Warrior" ::)

jesus  ::)

The Showstoppa:
Was it more grueling than pulling an ass-muscle in softball?

Where is the next one of these? I'll leave Clavin sobbing and cursing his 5'4 frame for not having the athletic capability required to beat the course in a respectable time.


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