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Prayer Request Thread???

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What are opinions on a prayer request thread?

Keep in mind that here on getbig, if you reveal a problem or weakness it can possibly and most probably come back to bite you.

Johnny Apollo:
Why only pro religious sticky's? ::)


--- Quote from: Johnny Apollo on April 17, 2006, 11:27:14 AM ---Why only pro religious sticky's? ::)

--- End quote ---

Haven't been requested to have something else be a sticky....

The prayer request sticky question won't be one for long; probably less than a few days.

Would you feel better if I made a thread with "Johnny Apollo" in the title a sticky?

Lighten up Francis :)  it'll be OK

That's a GREAT idea, Stella. 

Mr. Intenseone:
Great Idea, we can start with prayers for Johnny.....seriously, he needs it!


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