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Islam = Terrorism? <video>

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btw..i haven't seen it yet...i just ate and now getting ready for the gym..soo prolly wont see that til tomorrow..

i just did a search and saw that and posted it..

Wierd, he seemed to have become much uglier on conversion to islam.

Islam == Terrorism. Stop beating about the bush.

tha video would be too much for manni  ;D

Watched it.

Let's contrast this to the guy from Iran who converted to Christianity.

a: He converted in a Christian state (USA)

b: He converted in a islamic state (iran)

a: The state had no interaction, the iberties of the people respected, allowed to believe as he saw fit.

b: The state wanted him tried for the death penalty and many muslims of iran agreed, after being released given death threats and forced to find refuge in Italy.

islam is a satanic religion. muhammed  was a pedo.


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