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Suit Sponsorships for the 2006 Season


Hi everyone! Just thought I would let ya'll know I am looking to sponsor a few girls with suits for a National or Regional level show.

Please contact me at if you would like to be considered. I will need to know the show you intend to do, what shows you have done in the past, and how you have placed. I would also like to know height, weight, etc. as well a picture. Also a brief description as to why you should be chosen.

You may see my work at Please shoot me an email should you have any questions. I'll be posting images on a free site later today/tomorrow with some of my newer work. I'll be sure to list it here as well.

I am limiting this sponsorship to 4 girls for the 2006 season and would consider someone just getting started as well.

got sugardaddy?

I would like to announce the girls I have decided to sponsor for the 2006 season. Each one of these ladies brings a unique look to figure, fitness and bodybuilding.

I am excited to be able to offer each one suits for their shows and look forward to working with them to develop suits that will enhance their total package. :)

In Figure for the National level:
Christine Camacho and Melody Clere

In Reg/state. level Figure
Brie Vendrame

Jessi Rohm

National level FBB:
Jennifer Abrams

and just starting out in FBB:
Nancy Kornblum


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Hmmm....You want to be one?  LOL


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