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Galeniko i'm calling you out!

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If not a gimmick this could get good!  Obese woman do yourself a favor and LISTEN TO GALENIKO. I even heard a rumor he wrote a book with his boyfriend   ;)


--- Quote from: MrsMuscles on February 18, 2014, 08:20:10 AM ---He sounds like a great person even if he is fat. I see why you are awarding him money then. He will look great when he thins out!

--- End quote ---

Fat? What do you mean?

He is as ripped and shredded as humanly possible, even beats Flex Wheeler at 0 % bodyfat having to stave off Ninjas while honin' the Lactic Acids of peace.


--- Quote from: falco on February 18, 2014, 08:07:46 AM ---Yes yes yes...

This is our new project:

He wins 5000 dollars if he can get chiselled in 3 months!

Please someone stop me
--- End quote ---

 3 months?

Must be a big fucking chisel

Cleanest Natural:
another shizzo gimmick oozing estrogen

Lol.  ;D why is everyone calling me gimmick.

Only want to lose 50lbs. Um so a woman want to be 200lbs.  ???

Brilliant, I'm loving this.


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