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Rep. paying ex-mistress about $500K after trying to kill her

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Hugo Chavez:
Unless there is a different purpose for choking a person...


According to a police report, Ore called 911 on her cell phone from the bathroom of Sherwood's Capitol Hill apartment in 2004 and reported that Sherwood had choked her while giving her a back rub.

Don't you understand this is all a smear campaign perpatrated by Liberals? He's a Conservative so of course he didn't actually do anything wrong, it's all the fault of the Liberals.

Get ready to hear how this is all the fault of either Kerry or Kennedy or better yet both of them.

240 is Back:
When george Allen spit in his ex-wife's face....

yeah, that was just him being an asshole.  nothing political there.


--- Quote from: Berserker on November 02, 2006, 06:27:20 PM ---Unless there is a different purpose for choking a person...

--- End quote ---

Maybe they were having hardcore erotic asphyxiation and he got carried away?  ::)

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - A Republican congressman accused of abusing his ex-mistress agreed to pay her about $500,000 in a settlement last year that contained a powerful incentive for her to keep quiet until after Election Day, a person familiar with the terms of the deal told The Associated Press.

Rep. Don Sherwood is locked in a tight re-election race against a Democratic opponent who has seized on the four-term congressman's relationship with the woman. While Sherwood acknowledged the woman was his mistress, he denied abusing her and said that he had settled her $5.5 million lawsuit on confidential terms.

The settlement, reached in November 2005, called for Cynthia Ore to be paid in installments, according to a person who spoke on condition of anonymity because the deal is confidential. She has received less than half the money so far, and will not get the rest until after the Nov. 7 election, the person said Thursday....

My god!  How can anyone still vote for this man!?!?!?


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