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Israeli foreknowledge of 9/11? You tell me.

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Undoubtedly, many Jewish people were killed on 9/11.

However, many Israelis were not, and this was reported by the NY Times on Sep 22, 2001. 

NYT: "There were, in fact, only three israelis who have been confirmed as dead: two on the planes, and one who had been visiting the towers on business."

Officials of the israeli firm Odego received text messages warning them to leave thee building.  They admit this but the FBI will not address it.

Zim Shipping, an Israeli firm, broke their lease one week before 9/11, and moved to another building in NYC.   This cost them $50,000 and was done very quickly.  Their PR dept, coincidentally the PR dept of both Silverstein and the nation of Israel, have not commented.

The World Trade Center was filled with firms in the insurance, investment, finance, and banking fields. 

Do you think it's odd that every person from Israel who worked in that building chose not to be there that morning?

Hugo Chavez:
Wait, a Jewish company skipping out on 50,000 ;D  OK OK, I"M KIDDING!!!  :-\

Hugo Chavez:
Oh and to make it official, AlliedPowers is not my gimmik... yea yea,.. you were thinking it, don't lie... ;D

Hugo Chavez:

--- Quote from: 240 is Back on December 17, 2006, 10:17:10 PM ---LOL! 

You and him should get a room!

I find the number that low to be extremely odd.  If it was truly a *real* investigation, they would have turned over half the planet to find out just why those text messages were sent.  That kinda foreknowledge would have been highly criminal.

--- End quote ---
Pretty dang interesting all the shit they just bailed on... The stock put options... Oh oops, end of investigation, don't look here :D  Oh Israelis celebrating and admitting they were there to document the event.... Oh you're free to go, no problems, no gitmo for our friendly Israelis...  Oh well, all of this talk will be null and void when they pull the attack that has us all thinking a north American union is the best.  That'll be a hoot :D.

do you guys actually do research, or do you just believe every piece of bullshit you here?
before you jump to conclusion actually try to figure something out on your own. that shit was so made up its unbelievable.

heres a list of Jewish people killed on 911


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