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Michelle Obama is a racist

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Soul Crusher:
Michelle Obama on Working Part-Time: 'I Was Getting Gypped'
ABC "News" ^ | 6/24/14
Posted on June 24, 2014 9:15:13 AM EDT by SoFloFreeper

At Monday's White House Summit on Working Families, first lady Michelle Obama admitted to a few of her own struggles as a working mother while making the case for flexible workplace policies for families.

"The first thing I tried to do, which was a mistake, was that I tried the part-time thing…I realized I was getting gypped on that front," she told ABC's Robin Roberts at the event, which aimed to bring attention to strengthening the nation's workforce by addressing various workplace difficulties. "What happened was I got a part-time salary but worked full time."

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240 is Back:
She has offended gypsies and should apologize?

I think most liberals would agree with you.  most repubs would laugh this off as politically correct, liberal, panty-waist bool-shiiite.  But I'm glad you're willing to push aside that macho stuff and take the side of the less fortunate from such verbal assaults. 

Also, when Rush Limbaugh uses the word a lot, that's okay, because he's an entertainer.
Totally cool and humorous and witty when he uses it.

Soul Crusher:
Typical liberal double standards.    F moochelle - she is a racist hog

Soul Crusher:


Soul Crusher:



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