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Biden failures, corruption, destruction, and collapse Thread.

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Soul Crusher:
Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden's handle on coronavirus 'greatest public policy failure of all time'
Fox News ^ | 11/29/21 | Tucker Carlson
Posted on 11/30/2021, 8:17:34 AM

So the obvious question is, how is this working? On the basis of the most simple numbers, it's not. In fact, it looks like the greatest public policy failure of all time. How does Joe Biden explain that? What does Tony Fauci say about it or Rochelle Walensky?

Well, nothing. Not a word. No one in charge has even acknowledged the magnitude of the failure. They haven't had to acknowledge it because they've created a scapegoat to take the blame for it. The scapegoat is called the unvaccinated phrase that everyone understands is essentially political. It means working-class Whites who probably voted for Trump. This is all their fault. Everything bad they did.

Over the weekend, various White House officials blamed this group not simply for COVID, but for virtually everything that has gone wrong since Joe Biden has become president. And there's a lot. The collapse of the U.S. dollar, supply chain implosions, empty shelves in stores, labor shortages, even rising gas prices.

Watch the White House press secretary suggest that the unvaccinated are somehow responsible for inflation:

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Soul Crusher:
Domestic Travel Ban for Unvaccinated 'Not Off the Table' Says Jen Psaki
PJ Media ^ | 12/01/2021 | Matt Margolis
Posted on 12/1/2021, 10:26:00 AM by SeekAndFind

Even though Biden suspended his vaccine mandate for federal workers to save himself a few approval points, he’s nevertheless looking for alternative ways to “force” people to get vaccinated, and a domestic travel ban is one such possibility.

“So, the President said earlier today that there haven’t been any recommendations to put in place domestic travel requirements. But what we saw with the Delta variant is that once it was already here, it spread rapidly across the country. So why not have any testing or vaccination requirements whatsoever for domestic air travel since people are, you know, going fairly openly across the country?” a reporter asked Psaki.

“Well, I think what you heard the President say […] was that he wasn’t taking any options off the table, but he’s going to rely on that advice of his health and medical experts,” Psaki responded.

However, like his vaccine mandate, a ban on domestic travel is also unconstitutional, as it is guaranteed under the Fourteenth Amendment.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration doesn’t even consider the Constitution as a guideline, let alone a set of rules.

Dr. Fauci also revealed back in September during an interview on the “Skimm This” podcast that a vaccine mandate for travel was under consideration. “I would support that,” he said. “If you want to get on a plane and travel, then you should be vaccinated.”

The scary thing is, they think they have the power to do this.

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Soul Crusher:
Joe Biden on Supply Chains: ‘Only Santa Claus’ Can Promise Gifts on Time
Breitbart ^ | 12/01/2021 | CHARLIE SPIERING
Posted on 12/1/2021, 3:55:00 PM by

President Joe Biden tried to distance himself from supply chain disruptions this Christmas, telling Americans on Wednesday he was not responsible for any problems.

“I can’t promise that every person will get every gift they want on time,” Biden said. “Only Santa Claus can keep that promise.”

Biden argued that shortages for some goods around Christmas were normal, citing the Cabbage Patch Kids doll shortage in the 1980s and also the shortage of Beanie Babies in past years.

The president downplayed reports of reduced supplies of goods for Americans shopping for the holidays.

“Here’s the deal. For the vast majority of the country, that’s not happening,” Biden said.

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As I said in one of the Afghan Biden Fail threads the next big failure will be to let Russia invade Ukraine.

Obviously Hunter was already there doing gas deals so we don't have to worry about 10% for the big guy at this point.

Ukraine lost Crimea under Obama and this is probably going to be a lot worse.

BUT...."Trump colluded with Russia", even though every time a dem in in the highest office they start parting out Ukraine to Russia or selling them Uranium. Remember John Kerry, Mitt Romney and Pelosi had kids over there in some capacity also.

It's real.  ;D


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