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Powerlifting Bench press setup

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That article is one of the things I read while I'm on the can. ;D

I keep WS & MM articles within reach at all times  ;)

I am going to try this it makes alot of sense!! I just listed a post about getting my bench shirt to touch This may help Thanks..

young guns:
bro your a modern advocate of the strong.

The RedMeatKid:
Dude, take it from someone who benches 600+ in the RAW.  Foot and back positioning are everything in benching.  I remember being thirteen and slinging 350 around and being STUCK there until I met Franco Columbu who watched me bench at the pit on muscle beach while my family was on vacation.  He corrected my form and by Christmas I was benching over 480 lbs.  Not bad for a freshman. ;)

young guns:
well looks like local pud has created himself another account.


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