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I've spent the last year working on my bench press raw or using an Inzer Blast shirt.  I've decided I don't really like the blast shirt and I'm looking into getting  a new shirt.  I am considering changing to an open-back denim shirt.  For those of you using a shirt for your peaks (either in the gym or competition), what brand/style are you using?  Which ones do you really like?  Which ones do you hate and why? 

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RageX...great shirt but prone to runs way to quick

Titan Fury/ F6...2 great shirts with a great warrenty.  I use a fury now and love it.

Karins...I own a DD from her and have not trained in it yet.

I would try a double Rage-X before going to a denim.  Its good you started with a shitty shirt cause now when you put on a good one you will be amazed how much it helps.

are you getting it for powerlifting or another purpose?

i have been using a large Inzer blast shirt (chest size is a 44, have a size 54, i can put it on and take it off myself)
I just bought a Titan F6, just got it yesterday & gonna try it out today i think their will be a significant gain, i test fitted it and it fits alot different, i can't move my arms down now.
Ive put up 350 in competition with my blast so we'll see what the new shirt will do in comparison

i do like my blast shirt for just training, as i think i got just the right size not to help me much so i increase my strength when i train, but tight enough so i dont hurt my shoulders.

All the powerlifters i know use the Titan F6.



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