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Matt C:
Here are some to start off with.  These pictures were taken without a pump.  My weight is in the 190s and I am bulking right now (or trying to) and obviously not in condition.  I would like to hit 200 as I have been there before, and that is where I plateau.

I am pleased with my physique and know I could get in good condition if I wanted to.  My only concern is my chest which looks like a sunken treasure despite a bench press one rep max of well over 300 pounds.  I will post some more pics as I progress taken from the front and with a pump.

Monster Lats...other than that, awesome shoulders  8)

Your technique needs work. What type of program you following?

how come you dont train any other body parts than shoulders?

Mr. Intenseone:
I swear dude I thought you were black!


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