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Larry Scott's ideas about training

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Only thing I can add is I've watched his DVD "A life of..." or something and while it's pretty nice to listen to him... his advice seems solid though not that practical.
The hand postitioning when doing db-shoulder and -benchpresses(dbs-handles form a V instead of an A) is, at least for me, not possible during my heaviest set.
He had awesome genetics(full round muscle bellies..esp. arms)... yet he permanently states how awful his genes are  ::)

I worked directly for (Biophase) which is Larry Scott's company ran out of Kaysville Utah. They conned me into selling their training and supplements... Hyper Growth, Nitro Amp, Ultra Pro, etc...... and all of it was fake!! There is nothing sold in supp shops or on gym counters that will give you gains like gear and anyone who believes that or listens to it then go to some other board...... You think their supps are garbage.... Listen to this. I was made to hire people that had absolutely no  background in fitness or training and they were training people in the gym..... No results, No gains, No losses, etc....

In his day, Larry was the man and still can be looked at like a legend and I am in no way dogging him but he should get the people that run his company, out and start over with someone that can keep his name on the pedistal it should be and not damaged like it is becoming.

I was not impressed with Larry's attitudes on the two occasions i contacted him, even though he claims to be very open-minded to exchanges of ideas which i would not agree with. But in terms of training and general nutrition concepts that are decades old and yet still as valid as anything now, he's the real deal and far ahead of most. As far as the recent supplements i don't know, can only guess they'd be true to the old stuff but it's just a guess.

In a word .... genius.

Scott has hinted in the past that his protein supplement(s) were pretty much the same as Rheo Blairs. Misleading to say the least.

Blairs protein compounds were a blend of milk solids and whole eggs, produced at a low heat yield.  Trying to come close enough to mothers milk as possible. Blair had great success with Scott and other era BB'ers at that time with his proteins. Main intake for the Blair (Irv Johnson..original name) supplement and feeding program were the Blair proteins usually mixed with heavy whipping creme or half & half. Adding liver tabs throughout the day. The B vitamin family was was very important to the Blair plan. Other parts was mostly red meat and more eggs. Steak and eggs was the breakfast of champions for those BB'ers. A little veggies also. Mostly a high fat, high calorie low carb diet.

Guy's gain muscle mass while losing body fat at the same time. Keeping a positive nitrogen balance throughout the day seem to be very important when on that program .When Blair died all his secrets went to the grave with him. Some people trying to sell his "original" supplements on the internet are just bogus.

Scott also got most of his training ideas from Vince Gironda. Gironda and Blair were the true genius and progressive thinkers behind successful BB'ing at that time. The Scott bench was the off shoot of the original preachers stand pioneered (among others...Redman I think) by Gironda. The "V" bar, and the different knuckle/hand positions on it, were Vince's. As well as very affective different versions of chinning.

Genetic disadvantage of Scott's were his narrow shoulders.  Which he over came with one of the best set of 3 headed delts around. Also the impressive delt/pec tie in. But those arms could be huge and awesome with their size and almost perfect balance between the bicep and tricep. Heard 20" at his best. Doubt if Scott ever weighted much over the 200lb mark in contest shape. So much more the remarkable. People have written , that in top condition, Scott's skin seem to have a glow. Heard that about other BB'ers at that time. Some suggest all the liver tabs they took all day long. Do not know.

All time great and all that, but that does not make Scott any more honest than any other supplement making businessman. Always the profit to consider. Getting into the black one way or another is the main cause and effect in business.


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