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Rest times between sets

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Go by feel. If you are doing low sets and relatively low reps rest enough so you can give it your all on the next set. I don't know any power lifters or Olympic lifters that time their rests between sets.

If you are training for endurance or even for bodybuilding you can use short rests like 30 to 45 seconds to push the endurance envelope. This of course will limit the weight you can use but it will build endurance and pump using a different energy system. Again you don't have to time it.

As many people here, I go by feel, but I'm becoming not so sure now.
I suppose my body is not always right telling me 'stop, give up, lay on a coach, relax, what's all this for'?

I tried calculating rest time and experimenting with shorter periods, it felt strange, but not overall harder. For me, the biggest problem was time calculation itself. So distracting.

i Train holistic in most of my i use different rest times between sets....

after warm-up some heavy sets between 4-8 reps and longer rest (CNS), after moderate weights for moderate rest in between. The end of a muscle Group itīs just to finish with a Maximum pump, higher reps, supersets,....only little rest-times  (sometimes less than 30 seconds).

The Ugly:
Slow ten count. Anything more, you're just in the way.

Interesting. My method:

2 minutes for sets of 12 reps and under
60 seconds for sets of 15 or higher


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