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Rest times between sets

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guess it would depend on my level of fitness and how hard the training would be.

if im not used to do high reps i would need some good rests or ill just be out of breath.

if i would do some dorian yates to failure kinda training i would need all the rest i could get, if only to prepare for the lift...

right now as im doing 3x10 not going to failure, im good with less resting time.

When I worked at the WWE and had a chance to train with Fred Hatfield and those guys the rep scheme was 6, 12 and 40, 3-4 sets of each.

Not saying it works for everyone and for me 40 is just a bunch too many but you have to mix it up.

I do 100 rep sets once in a while, a great while!

Might also suggest to avoid going to complete failure on every set of every exercise.. Not encouraging the CNS (Central Nervous System) to accomplish what it's meant to do...recover from the last training system and go on for progress in muscle size and strength for future workouts. . .

 Experienced BB'ers, PL'ers and Olympic lifters understand this all too well. Try halting at 1 or 2 reps before reaching that point of not being able to do a complete good rep. Doesn't mean your not getting a great workout, just not allowing the overextending of the body's ability to recover for the next workout....and future progress.  Even if juiced up, you may still find not  going to failure may be to your advantage.  

Great opportunity working with Dr. Squat, Fred Hatfield.

Good Luck..

Not a big go to failure guy, more like set the number of reps and make the resistance tough enough so you have to work to get the number. I wish I could train to failure more often, just something I don't do.

Fred, aka Dr. Squat, 1019lbs I think, was ahead of his time for sure. I was one door down from him in the WWE's Titan Tower in Stamford. Got to train hamstrings with Tom Platz on Saturday afternoon....20 years later and I am still sore!

extremely interesting. I would have thought the shorter rest times would produce greater hypertrophy given the age-old bodybuilding "rest times".


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