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GB Nutrition files in US Bankruptcy court...


U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Southern District of Texas (Houston)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 24-31134

Zero Day Nutrition Company
12502 Exchange Dr. # No. 448
Stafford, TX 77477
Tax ID / EIN: 46-3587108
fka GB Nutrition Company

March 14, 2024 - An order has been entered in accordance with Rule 1015(b) of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and Rule 1015-1 of the Local Rules of Bankruptcy Practice and Procedure of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas directing joint administration for procedural purposes only of the chapter 11 cases of: DAY ONE DISTRIBUTION LLC, Case No. 24-31133 and ZERO DAY NUTRITION COMPANY, Case No. 24-31134. The docket in Case No. 24-31133 should be consulted for all matters affecting these cases. (NormaChavez) (Entered: 03/14/2024)

Day One Nutrition is the company that operates Glaxon.     GB Nutrition was renamed Zero Day Nutrition


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