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With Keith's passing I noticed someone mentioned OS's name and having never heard about her, I looked her up. Read her posts back about 30 pages. What a fantastic live-wire, a real grand lover of life. Can't believe I never read this board and bumped into her posts.

I bet even God have his work cut out with her raising havoc in heaven.


Something she said caught my eye. April 20, 2007, 04:42:07 PM

--- Quote ---I am just a Girl who burnt out and realised that I do not want to be a 45 (no offense to any of you who are) year old lady that goes through a midlife crisis saying "what if", so I live in the fast lane.
Going to die young and pretty  lol.

--- End quote ---


She had no idea did she.

240 is Back:
life's sad...

Dident not know her but this is very sad .


This is 2 years ago already

I still remember her,look back on this post,there's a song called "Ocean Gypsie", It's on page 2,2nd post down.....   :'(


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