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fear of hepatitis

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"back in my younger days, when I use to do drugs". Custom youve always been a funny guy.
As for me I never do drugs,, I do medicaments.

What do you get in a drugstore then ???

Good to see youre around bro

;D the hell are ya? I thought that maybe the Feds might have hunted you down or something like that. lol

I've been back posting for a few weeks now, and back in the game, once again. Things seem to be going well. recent blood test have been the best in the past 15 years. the doc has me on anavir 20mg a day, but, you know me................if 20 is good..............40 has to be better, plus 250mg of sust a week as well. I'm actually doing 1cc every 4 days. been having a major fatigue because of the hep c and the hiv. tried to get GH, and fought the insurance company for 6 months..........and lost. so that's why he gave me the ok for the test. just have to do a blood test every month.

So what's new with you?

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