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the synthol issue

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a few drol tabs to start a cycle won't kill you.

synthol and anadrol arent even in the same league...the stories Ive heard about the dangers of anadrol are so outrageous. Ive personally used tremendous amounts with no ill effects. Now Synthol...well its like puffing your muscle up like a water ballon. Troulbe is that most people haven't the experience or know-how on how to and where to inject it...your muscle groups can come out looking lumpy and flabby  like big boob implants.

I like synthol in small doses the two weeks before a contest... it will bring a lcking bodypart up to par... but you have to inject all over the muscle and not too much so you don't look lumpy... never more than 3 cc per muscle and spread all over the entire muscle... Like shoulders for example... Last time I did a contest I used it in my shoulder... hit 12 injection site in each shoulder and never more than 3 cc and no lumpiness, just brought the up to my trap an back development.

Sythol used at the last moment like that is not how it is intended for it to be used at all, that is synthol abuse.

Synthol therapy stretches the muscle fibres allowing for more muscle growth to a stubborn bodypart, with proper application of synthol you wouldn't to be able to tell he had had injections at all.

Those pics you always see of synthol users are not the typical synthol user at all but its abusers, nothing more then a freakshow.  Synthol is not mean't to be used as a last minute fix but part of a wel thought out program to add more muscle to an already developed body.


Fake and unnatural. No greater sign of desperation to resort to this. Pathetic & ludicrous. CAN'T be healthy.

When you walk U can look forward to feeling the stuff sloshing round.


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