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new cycle

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new cycle
wel i have a friend of mine who is going to do a cycle he has:

18 polysterone 250mg
2 deca 10ml each 25mg
clenbuterol 100 tablet
cytomel 100 tablet
winstrol tablet 340 tablet

and he also has a 50ml boldenone 50mg

now do any of u can give him any idea of how he should cycle all this in 8 weeks

he wants to get about 10 lb bigger and get rid of some fat he is built a pretty good base he has done a few cycle

tell something about his stats, it will help

wel he's about height :5"8 weight: 170 13% bf

if i were he, i will rather use injectable winstrol,
and why he  does not do testosterone in cycle !
it is  an esencial ingredience for all cycles !

all cycles should be composed of some sort of test. if this is a first cycle, i would recommend 500-750mg test/wk for 12 wks. if he is alittle more experienced than go with 750mg test/wk  1-12
                                         600mg deca/wk  1-10
                                         50mg oral winny ed 7-12

keep it basic if its his first, no need to totally over do it quite yet.  ;D
do u have a pct lined up?



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