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Tbol anyone??

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Has anyone used Turanabol?  What kind of results did you get?  Anyone know about how this effects your liver? (other then from the link I posted) Last thing, should one expect hairloss on this steroid...or is more like an anavar causing minimal to no shedding.  Thanks!

it should have no effect on the liver and hairloss.
what r u planning to take with it? and do u have a pct lined up? what r ur stats?


Havent decided to take it.  Just wondering what the deal is on the stuff.  Hard to get a source for it....
Thanks for the info though.

anyone use it....what kind of results you have?

an way u should  i stack it with some injestables, turanabol is used in oral cycles mostly with stanabol and other oral steroids, and all oralsl are bad for liver,


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