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cycle/PCT help- Experience only please....


Hello guys. I am in the last few weeks of my 4th cycle.

Weeks 1-10****
-Sustonon=500mg weekly
-Test Cyp.=200mg weekly
-Decca 600mg weekly
(Armidex 1mg EOD)- prevention, gyno in past

Weeks 10-15****
-Sustonon=250mg weekly
-Test Cyp.=200mg weekly
-D-bol=50mg ED
(Armidex 1mg EOD)- prevention, gyno in past

Weeks 15-20****
-Test Cyp=400mg weekly

I am currently in my last 2 weeks of using D-bol...

Made very solid gains. About 20lbs. Strength went up incredibly, not holding much water BF at around 12-14%

My PCT in planned as Followed:
Week after last Cypionate injection*****
-HCG= 2500 IU's ED

After HCG****
-Clomid 100mg ED for 1st week
-Clomid 50mg ED for 3 weeks
-Nolvadex 20mg ED (throughout PCT)

Any suggestions on last 5 weeks of cycle.
And most importantly any suggestions on PCT? I have access to anything and everyinthg, Your help and addivice is greatlty appreciated.


looks great to me. I am surprised you are not holding water though.
It must be the arimidex.
Good cycle.


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