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Phantom Spunker:
ASMR videos are incredibly weird. If I had a son and I discovered he was making ASMR videos, I'd probably shoot him.

Phantom Spunker:
Ringing someone's doorbell and running away was really funny when I was young. The idea still amuses me now.

Phantom Spunker:
The act of pooing is so shameful and heinous that it should never come up in conversation – even with one’s doctor. I am so appalled by the topic, that if a woman were to dare mention it in front of me, she would immediately be disregarded as a suitable sexual partner without further deliberation.

I did, however, find myself entering an almost meditative state this morning when my bowels turned on me. Trapped in a moving vehicle, I had no choice but to channel a monk-like level of concentration in an attempt to alleviate the cannonade of cramps that come upon me.

Phantom Spunker:
As a man, some things are beneath me. Riding a bicycle is one of them.

Phantom Spunker:
Listening to Fear Factory.


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