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Just Say No - No Masks, No Tests, No Injections, etc

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--- Quote from: Zillotch on November 29, 2021, 01:01:18 AM ---say no to the masks.

say no to the tests.

say no to the injections.

say no to the brainwashed cowards.

say no to all of it... because this entire shit show is only possible with your compliance.

resist in numbers.. and it stops.

otherwise - our descent into hell will accelerate... as it should.

does humanity truly prefer evil deception leading to its own doom over any type of truth?

it sure looks that way.

--- End quote ---

Omicron will kill you.

The jew controlled governments are mandating DEATH. All legal options have been essentially exhausted as unconstitutional mandates requiring injections of deadly substances completely annul the social contract and any basis for peaceful coexistence with the tyrants and their democidal plan.

Massive non-compliance is the only way we end this nightmare.

It's a contagious virus that quickly spreads and does hospitalize or even kill a small %.

My wife and I had the 2 shot Pfizer vaccine last spring and recently got our booster.
I also got my flu vaccine when I got my booster.  Never had side effects or any problems .

When I went to Japan in the USMC, we got  several air gun vaccinations to prevent us from a variety of diseases.
Nobody protested and we didn't stop doing our job. BUT, we did get vaccinated .

It's a  legit health problem and we need to deal with it as a health problem.
Let's end the crazy rumors of human extinction or covid being some evil plan to control people.

It's a virus, and we need to deal with it and  keep moving.

Wake up, it's a mad made virus to reign in deadly injections created by the Jewish cabal to kill everyone off.


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