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California law to ban/exterminate Pit Bulls

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Hugo Chavez:

--- Quote from: body88 on September 24, 2006, 11:36:25 AM ---Bring it .... None of you can debate me with scientific evidence or true scientific facts proving pits are more aggresive than any other dominent breed. You all hurl accusations and myths! Half you clowns prob have never even seen a pitbull up close.

--- End quote ---
Nordic will not debate you on this... I just hoped that maybe he would take a few seconds to verse himself on the debate that's already occurred on getbig over this instead of making some immediate decision without thinking about it.

Ok, i MUST jump in on this one.  American Pit Bull Terriers are animal aggressive animals, but overall, when bred correctly, they are the SINGLE dog lest likely to ever attack a human.  "Why?" you might ask, or,"what the FUUUCk are you talking about traps?" 

The American Pit Bull Terrier ("pit bulls" by name are any dog that can fight well, and yes, there is a difference between a pit bull and an american pit bull terrier) was bred to be a game, fighting dog.  These fights that were held back in the "day" were not the bloodsport that people perceive them to be (not that i condone these activities, i think dog fighting is disgusting, but also THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF AN AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIERS MENTALITY).  The fights had rounds, and handlers much like modern boxing.  In between rounds the handlers would have to come out and deal with the hurt dogs like  "cut men" in boxing and quickly tend to them and get them ready for the next round.  Ask anyone who knows anything about dogs and they will tell you that a dog is most likely to bite when injured.  If these dogs showed any aggression towards humans when being handled between rounds, they were destroyed... immediately.  No dog has ever been held to the rigorous personality breeding standards that the american pit bull terrier has.  If the dogs showed any aggression, they were destroyed... and thusly aggression towards humans was bred out as aggressions towards dogs was bred in.  Its not very difficult to understand.  For ages the the APBT was one of the most popular breeds in america (i believe it is THE most popular breed today actually) and is the mascot for the marines and the #1 used dog for customs because they are so easy to train and will do what you tell them to until they pass out or die.  Ask a UKC judge, someone who really knows dogs, which dog is least likely to ever bite/attack them at a show, and they will undoubtedly say "the american pit bull terrier." 

Now, this does not always ring true obviously.  People made an unbelievable dog, and people have almost ruined it, or more accurately its public perception.  Because for every attack you hear about (which is genuienly inaccurate), there are thousands of other APBT owners who's dogs are just fine.
I could go on till i am blue in the face, but i know in reality i could go to my friends house in martinez tonight and see a bunch of dumbass mexican "thugz" walking around with their pitbulls, mugging me and trying to look tough.  Lord knows what the dogs they have were bred for, and lord knows hows those people treat their dogs.  Blame people and not dogs.  Dogs are supposed to be mans best friend, not mans best ego boost.


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