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California law to ban/exterminate Pit Bulls

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240 is Back:

--- Quote from: drkaje on July 08, 2006, 08:01:07 PM ---They should ban bad owners.

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idiots ruin it for everyone.  people who let aggressive dogs run wild around others are right up there with racists and car thiefs.  should be kneecapped upon arrest, no questions asked.

i am looking at a pit as we speak and this is bullshit i have a bull mastiff(250+lbs) right now and i know how people are afraid of dogs but fuck California

 Body88...what's your take on this? Aren't you a dog lover? just curious.

Oliver Klaushof:
hahahahah how many asinine laws will they come up with?

I've been asked to make this a sticky and I agree.  It's not the dog's fault or "in their character" to be violent, but what a d-head human may try to make them that makes them objectionable to society. 

Better to ban/exile/educate the humans that are turning this breed into a pariah.

We just had a few articles about dog-fighting that is prevalent in our area in our newspaper.  The jagoffs that engage in this make me sick.

One of the nicest dogs I've ever known (and one that helped me to get past my fear of dogs) was a pitbull.


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