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TOM & ARNOLD .... When Platz met Schwarzenegger
« on: April 03, 2013, 07:12:34 PM »
By Peter McGough


Last January 9th we posted an excerpt from an unpublished interview yours truly did with Tom Platz some time ago. It created such a torrent of demand for more that we decided to publish another excerpt -- we hope you are both happy now. Anyway, heres The Golden Eagle talking about his one of his main mentors Arnold Schwarzenegger. In a future story hell discuss his other mentor, Dave Draper.


Peter McGough: When did you first meet Arnold?

Tom Platz: It was 1977, I was 18 and at college in Detroit. Arnold had just brought out his book Education of a Bodybuilder and he was doing signings at J.C. Penneys. So I went down there, bought the book and stood at the back of a long line waiting for him to sign. Suddenly he looked down the line and motioned for me to come to the front. I could only think that it was because I was a lot bigger at 200 pounds than most people in the line, and looked like a bodybuilder. He told me I reminded him of one of his training partners Roger Callard. So then I figured maybe he thought I was Roger and signaled me to come forward. I learned later that when he got back to LA he told Roger, Hey I met a guy in Detroit who looks like you.


What else was said at that meeting?

I told him that after I finished college I would be relocating to the west coast to become a professional bodybuilder. He gave me one of those, Hmm, Ive heard that a million times before .. whatever? looks. A few years later when wed be lying on Santa Monica beach getting a tan Id remind him of that look.


What sort of relationship did you have with Arnold once you got to know him?

We became really friendly in 1979 and trained a little bit together. He was quite lean and had retired from bodybuilding competition we didnt know hed make a comeback in 1980. He invited me to make appearances with him: hed give a seminar and Id pose. I was always impressed by the amount of planning hed put into his appearances. Hed hit local media outlets and do like six back-to-back interviews. His capacity for work was amazing. At that point he had won the Olympia six times, but even then was talking about making it big in Hollywood and after that politics. I was a bit like, Hmm, Ive heard that a million times .. whatever? I think coming from Europe, he looked at America and was like, Hey, I can achieve anything I want here.



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Re: TOM & ARNOLD .... When Platz met Schwarzenegger
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