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please post potential gimmick accounts so the mods can check them out. Here are a few:;u=7115;u=7240;u=8604;u=14372;u=17824;u=18327;u=31069;u=31318;u=34853;u=41188;u=41324;u=48162;u=54599;u=55857;u=77439;u=82277;u=82592;u=82826;u=83631;u=84564;u=84613;u=85240;u=86024;u=86991;u=87054;u=87450;u=87667;u=87800;u=88277;u=88537

el numero uno:;u=2389

Who's "gimmick" am I then?

King Shizzo:
Who cares at this point. This place needs any kind of spark it can get.


--- Quote from: guyincognito on December 28, 2015, 03:11:35 PM ---Who's "gimmick" am I then?

--- End quote ---

Joon. Everybody's Joon.


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