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michael arvilla:
I noticed all the “BB media”(you/tubers and such) are all quoting you/using your references in regards to the Shawn Rhoden case and the latest soap opera between William Bonac and Neil Hill... first off props/congratulations for all the fact finding! (Nice job) second you usually take a much more
lais·sez-faire approach to things .. nice to see you in the forefront of things!

First, I have a lot of help from friends and people who care, so I give them credit first.  Not me.  Also, I am not one to pass judgement on people, but I try to be fair as a reporter, not always put my biased view in things. And I like this sport, the expo, I am a fan (not a bodybuilder) and I love photography!  Also, I am not one for being PC, and don't get offended much, if they are talking about a public figure, not family or private people.

This will be my 23rd Olympia going to in September. I enjoy it.   I will be at the L.A. Championships this Saturday, and the NPC USAs next weekend.  For me, I try to give all the respect they deserve in getting into shape, because I know how hard it is.

Excellent post. You are the master.

Our Lord and Savior

The Master of all things Avidenne.

michael arvilla:
Awesome! (Just goes to show you everybody in the industry young/old pro/amateur reads getbig!)


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