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I bet half of you didn't even lift today

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Unlike you I trained my legs today with free weights. While you waste your time doing leg curls and leg extensions, I do free weight squats, glute ham raises, and good mornings.

Coach is Back!:

--- Quote from: bhank on September 05, 2021, 04:20:37 PM ---If you had time to be on getbig today you had time to lift

--- End quote ---

Woke up 4 mile ruck in sand

2hrs later,  trained

Blew off 500+ rounds of shooting drills

Mofo I lift almost everyday and harder than you'll ever know

30 minutes on the Peleton, and 20 minutes with 15 dumbbells for shoulders. (No homo)

I did 1.5 hour walking
30 minutes running
30 minutes swimming
Chest superset with abs and calves for 60 minutes.


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