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SP labs Moldovian source

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Any feedback on SP Labs injectables? A moldovian source pumps it out and is no longer producing BP due to law mandates as result of joining EU. Now an actual prescription is required in Moldova in order to buy BP products. They were easily accessible and can be purchased in pharmacies, but not anymore sadly

If you're referring to Balkan Pharma it's counterfeit trash!

Im referring to Ashop, who manufactures BP and is a verified reseller of SP labs. Sorry you got scammed for money with counterfeit BP products ...should've bought directly from source instead of being a cheapo and buying elsewhere. Ashop has never sent me any trash, just high quality products that lab tests prove accurately dosed

Just a warning...Balkan is heavily counterfeited. Moldovan trash!

Real authentic Balkan is high quality gear bro. The counterfeit you got was trash, cause it wasn't authentic. LoL you sound ignorant as hell


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