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     you are

You are dumb.


--- Quote from: IroNat on February 09, 2023, 04:05:23 AM ---You are dumb.

--- End quote ---
;D Harsh Nat...harsh.

This is the dumbest thing I've read on here so far. Lmfao. You had enough common sense to be able to homebrew your own testp (according to you) but you can't see why doing what you did was stupid/dumb? TestP is pretty fast acting as its a short of course it would shoot up your levels quickly. Hence why it must be injected every other day to keep steady blood lipid levels on it and not have roller coaster up and down rides and be all emotional. You must be trolling or you are dumber than you sound. Nevertheless....good luck


--- Quote from: bigbychoices on February 09, 2023, 03:01:16 PM ---well once again in true get big fashion we have a cross dressing dick sucking love it up the ass semen slurper making his stupid off topic comments. And that would be IRONAT!!  Couldn't just answer a question could you fudge packer? It is because of losers like you that decent real humans who love to work out laugh at Getbig. It is filled with people like yourself IRONAT who obviously has no idea what bodybuilding is or what being a man is. Now do your parents a favor and just go off yourself. They will be relieved and very happy due to you being such a huge disappointment to them. They were actually hoping to have a boy who would one day turn into a man but instead they got a boy who turned into a tranny fag.  Oh and go ahead and reply but I will not keep going at it. I am a real man and have better things to do than name call with a little sissy boy.

--- End quote ---

IroNat actually went easy on you.  Fucking Retard.


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