Author Topic: Rogue Seal Bullies Surfer, Pit Bull  (Read 1762 times)


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Rogue Seal Bullies Surfer, Pit Bull
« on: April 13, 2007, 10:07:55 AM »
Rogue Seal Bullies Surfer, Pit Bull
JENNER, Calif. (April 12) - Nibbles the elephant seal  is defying his tame nickname by killing smaller seals, menacing a kayaker and chomping on a surfer and a dog on the northern California coast.

Mark Aronoff, AP
An elephant seal nicknamed "Nibbles" swims near the mouth of a river Wednesday in California. The adolescent seal has been attacking other seals and surfers.
The 2,000-pound lone male is seen frequently at the Russian River outlet to the Pacific, and local marine recreational outlets are warning the public about the seal's aggression.

On Easter Sunday, the seal grabbed an 80-pound pit bull and only let her go after he was attacked by the dog's owner.

"I was throwing a stick in the water for the dog," Angel Garcia said. The dog "started to shake when this torpedo thing launched itself out of the water and grabbed her."

Surf shop worker Craig Henderson said the seal and local surfers share the same turf. "It is scary when he jumps in the water with you. He is huge, like a VW bug or something," he said.

Brit Horn, a California State Parks lifeguard, said the seal has been seen killing smaller harbor seals. They've now moved to other areas along the Sonoma County coast.

The elephant seal is an adolescent who likely hangs out alone at the river mouth because he is too small to compete for females at elephant seal colonies, Horn said. Adults can grow to 14 feet long and 4,500 pounds.