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The best diet I ever went on....

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Jr. Yates:
will do man. No worries everything will turn out fine. It's too bad that you wanted so bad to look a certain way...moderation is the key. take care and learn from your mistakes.

Below Me:

--- Quote from: ChinoXL on March 07, 2006, 12:26:58 PM ---I know that I probably did have a genetic predisposition to it because one of my grandfather's is on dialysis this very day. 

--- End quote ---

You just answered your own question.  Sometimes you just have to pay for mistakes, and I'm affraid you'll probably be paying for a long time.


--- Quote from: wes mantooth on March 06, 2006, 09:04:24 PM ---what sides did you have that matched up to kidney failure? just curious...

--- End quote ---

the sides I noticed, I had noticed a few times before, but they weren't as acute.  i started getting serious dry throat even after drinking the usual gallon to gallon n a half I drink a day.  I started retaining massive amounts of water in my feet and ankles and I never retained there.  It was always in my face and hands.  Then there was the tell-tale flank pains that sealed the deal.  I also had just a sick, lethargic feeling that told me something just wasn't right.  There were days after I got out of the gym that I felt I was about to lose consciousness.  It was especially pronounced once I got out of the gym.  I tabbed that to overtraining.  Little did I know, the overtraining was taking it's toll and then some.  I've always had regular bloodwork since I started using and the worst I ever had happen was some high BP and liver enzymes slightly elevated while using Dbol. In fact all I ever thought about was liver protection. I never even thought my kidneys would ever become the problem. 

I want to know what Mike Morris is doing for himself.  I see what Tom Prince looks like now and I see myself.  All I need is that 24/7 wristband that covers my entry point for dialysis.  I'm only glad I never bagged on these guys, because without your kidneys, you can't hold muscle.  For the years I trained natural my top weight was 205.  When I turned to gear the results were amazing.  In four weeks of taking 400mgs Test E and Norandren 200mgs from Brovel of all companies I had gained 30 lbs!  How could I not finish the six weeks and then promise myself a better cycle the next time.  As I said before I gained massive amounts of weight very quickly and of course every cycle end yielded its usual bout of weight n strength loss along with depression, but I never went below 225.  Tom Prince, if you're reading this, how the fuck do you deal with the weight loss.  How do you deal with being half the man you used to be?  I feel like that's my fucking theme song. 

On a different tip, what do I tell my daughters?  I'm still coming to terms with the fact that I will be having a lot of problems in the future.  I will probably end up on dialysis and maybe even worse.  What do I tell them did this to their daddy?  I even got one on the way and I want that one to have me too.  My parents know exactly what did this to me as I have always been honest with them about everything.  Ultimately it was my choice, but I'm wondering  where I go from here.

Jr. Yates:
your looking at it the wrong way I think! be as optimistic as you can! reality is your experiencing a shitty time in your life....but also your not....another daughter on the way...something incredable to stay alive for....who gives a flying fuck your half the weight...NOT MAN you used to be! Once your healthy you can train know enough about it to see gains quickly and to train naturally. It does suck to lose weight but everyone think once your an old man you'll be 250lbs! my boss was incredable looking! 245lbs, huge,ripped owned his perfect condition to compete and do well...his friends are alot of IFBB pros now and now hes maybe about 215lbs. has an awesome job and nice Dodge Viper but not huge and full like he used to be. being that weight is taxing on the body and those you sound like i was awhile ago....would pass up a trip to europe cuz i wouldn't be able to eat or train..fuck that nonsense! Live your can have both.

man,this sort of story really makes me wonder if i am doing the right thing ???
hope you get better,and things turn out alright.


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