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utting out sugar refers to added sugar, which is typically sucrose. Theoretically, a person can get super lean even while consuming large amounts of added sugar, as long as the calories and protein intake are accounted for. This does not mean that this is practical and is probably not healthy.

We also get sugar from fruits, vegetables and milk (lactose). The reason why we shouldn’t worry about sugar from these sources is that these fruits and vegetables also contain micronutrients and fiber. Milk also contains protein. These food sources are also satiating. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables will help you stay full while dieting.

The 3 main issues with table sugar while dieting are:

High palatability: Sugar is very easy to over consume.
High caloric density: Pure sugar is almost pure carbohydrate by weight. 1 tbsp of sugar has almost 50 calories. 1 serving of broccoli (150 grams) also has 50 calories.
Lack of micronutrients: Pure sugar is not a source of vitamins and minerals.
Low satiety: Sugar is not filling, even though it has calories. Since hunger is a big issue while dieting, making sure to stick to more satiating foods is a good strategy. Learn more about which foods are high on the Index:
Another issue with table sugar is the overall fructose content. Table sugar is about 50% fructose by weight. It is generally recommended to keep daily fructose intake to below 50 grams daily for health. If we consume 100 grams of table sugar a day, we get about 50 grams of fructose from it. While fruit contains fructose, it is practically very hard to get 50 grams of fructose from eating fruit alone. That is why its to a good idea to drink fruit juice.

In theory, a person can consume enough protein, fiber and get all of his/her remaining calories from sugar and still lose weight. They will not be able to sustain this diet because of hunger and potential health issues.


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