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Oksana Grishina - Fitness Competitor Profile

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Alex: 3.02.2009

--- Quote ---"I caught up with Russian superstar Oksana Grishina last weekend in Las Vegas as she prepares for her return to the Arnold stage. Oksana made her Arnold debut last year but placed out of the top six. Known for her incredible routine, she is back and ready to redeem herself. Some people think that because her routine is slower paced it isn’t as difficult. I disagree on that sentiment and would challenge anyone to perform the routine she does. Her moves are precise and the years of gymnastic training is obvious. She assures me she will have a different routine at the Arnold and has worked on improving her physique. Oksana’s English has greatly improved and she’s able to communicate very well now. Here are a couple photos from Saturday’s shoot."
--- End quote ---


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Extreme One:
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I am looking forward to Oksana (and some other "dark horses") shaking things up at the Arnold!  I hope she didn't conform to what everyone else sees as "acceptable" for a fitness routine.  She brings strength, individuality, beauty, and much more to the stage!  I am a huge fan of hers, and I appreciate her European flair :o, difficult, and flawless routines.  So......WATCH OUT AND STOP HATING :-X!!!!! Good luck to all of the ladies and I can't wait to be in the audience!!!

240 is Back:
she looks great.  The next "it" girl.



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