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Princess L:
If you have any questions or comments, please communicate them to one of the moderators or Ron.

1. Show common courtesy at all times. Know the difference between a difference of opinion and a personal attack. Don't engage in insults. Do remember that we have members from a variety of nations, cultures, races and religious beliefs.

2. Search for existing topics before starting new threads.

3. Do not post copyrighted material without permission, except as allowable under fair-use guidelines; post the link instead.

4. Do not post solicitations or advertisements without permission.

5. Do not post public threats, or any material that is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, or invasion of a person's privacy.

6. This forum is for support, empowerment, sharing opinions and entertainment. is not a professional advice forum, and no one should use it as such. For medical problems, consult a medical professional.

7. Moderators may move posts as deemed necessary to ensure you get the appropriate help.

8. Do not register or post under multiple user names.

9. Report objectionable posts to the moderators rather than responding in kind.

10. Members who violate forum rules will receive a warning, and continued violations may result in temporary or permanent loss of posting privileges. The moderators reserve the right to edit or delete posts that violate forum rules.

11. By registering to use the forum, you agree to abide by all terms and conditions, and give the board administration staff permission to contact you at the e-mail address listed in your profile.  

- under no circumstances is there to be any suckmymuscle.


--- Quote from: suckmymuscle on January 30, 2009, 11:03:16 PM --- - No off-topic posts at all.

 - No countering someone's arguments without evidence; no making claims without evidence unless you preword your post/thread with the warning that your claims in the aforementioned post/thread are not empirical and are based on your personal experience and observations.

--- End quote ---

Just curious as how u meant for empirical to be used...

--- Quote ---  - No baiting. That is, no making challenging, insulting and semantical critiques of other posters' posts with the purpose of getting them riled up just because you enjoy seeing the distress of someone trying to defend their points and credibility.

--- End quote ---

How would I be able to prove I wasn't doing that?

--- Quote ---
  - No talk on pre-hormones that are illegal because they get converted into controlled steroids in the body. This board is for discussions on nutrition and supplements, that is, substances that do not require a prescription from an M.D for possesion. Take that shit to the drug board, which is where discussions on controlled steroids and their precursors belong.

--- End quote ---

Just curious as to what difference it makes?...It's all on the big board anyways...


Princess L:
12.  Per Ron's rules for the Main Boards.  No gay or porn - that includes avatars. Violations will automatically be DELETED regardless of post content.

Due to the increase in new members, as well as the burgeoning occurrences of gimmicks & trolling as of late, I thought I'd bump and sticky this thread for a while.
It also affords me the perfect opportunity to exercise my newly acquired "SUPER-POWER" of being able to post in locked topics on this board.



P.S. -- I promise to do a better job than the most recent "Moderator Emeritus."


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