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IM not afraid to lose the mr. getbig contest new progress though

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Marty Champions:
i still have quite a bit more bodyfat to lose, ive got more muscle however but i can still pinch fat, but im in this for the long haul maybe the greats like alexx or adonis will be suited more champion hell if i know im no pyschic

Marty Champions:

Swimming or a boyband.

Your only options

Marty Champions:

--- Quote from: rocket on August 30, 2006, 05:31:10 AM ---Swimming or a boyband.

Your only options

--- End quote ---

well right now im trying to find a sturdy back pack to hold 150 pounds, i will be the first to complete a marathon with 150!

natural al:
I ain't gonna put you down cause I think you're pretty good for being so tall but that last shot in the 1st pose kinda shows that you have no taper what so ever...I'd suggest never doing it again.


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