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3 weeks out

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Top Poodle:

--- Quote from: Be There on April 04, 2017, 12:40:05 AM ---no one reads this board mate

--- End quote ---

It's because registrations are locked and each new user requires approval, meaning there's no new blood coming in.

You know how hard it was for me to register.

Nether Animal:
great build...

You will get better appreciation if you post in the gossipopinions board. It will be epic.

MOMO, I can't offer any intelligent advice regarding your supplement intake but I can say that your  will be doing damn well in your event.

More to follow if you can provide name of contest  and which state it will be held in.

MOMO, How did you place in your contest?

Stay wth it because a good number of the BB Pros are saying that Physique and Classic (especially CLASSIC) are the future of lifting heavy things.

And is may prove interesting to seesaw many of the pro bodybuilders switch over to Classic comps within the next couple of years starting with this year's Olympia Classic event.


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