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I fear for Calum Von Moguer.......

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Pet shop boys:
.... And you should too.............

Wha'ts wrong with him ?


WooSHHHHHHHHH STAY Vinatge bitches

Von Moger is just an odd guy. If I had to guess he's just stir crazy from the lock downs, and it's screwing with his money. I wouldn't be surprised if his kid's mother is pressing him to help raise the kid, at least monetarily. I doubt he want to be part of the industry anymore.

He hasn't posted on youtube for months - .


Perhaps he plans to abandon social media?

Though that would be the end of his current business.

How's his child doing? :)

If that dipshit Trigili truly was concerned for CVM he would have called someone and voiced his concern.

But no-instead he uses someone’s problems to promote his weak ass YouTube channel. First-rate douchebag. Dick Trigili likely is clueless to what is going on in Australia. His intelligence stops at home made injectables and low carb diets.

But yes, every Aussie is hurting right now what is going on there is a human tragedy. I feel sorry for Calum as I am sure even if he is here in the US right now his friends and family are suffering. They have to use their phone to be scanned in to any public place right now, if that were the case here I would immediately revert to a flip phone and take a hammer to my iPhone as well.


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