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1978 Mr America - AAU

Overall Winner Tony Pearson

1     Manuel Perry
2     Clint Beyerle
3     Gary Leonard
4     Rod Koontz
5     Frank Wainwright
6     William Nuckols
7     John Aldrich
8     Louie Perotta

1     Tony Pearson
2     Larry Jackson (1)
3     Richard Baldwin
4     Lawrence Gordon (1)
5     Robert Reis
6     Ray Mentzer
7     Ron Magnum
8     Ron McBeath
9     Eddie Love
10     C F Smith
11     Donald Ausmus
12     Douglas Beaver
13     Fred Shandor
14     Sam Sanchez
15     Charles Thomas
16     Robert Klez
17     Keith Kephart
18     Gary Goss
19     James Nelson
20     Ronald Buchanan

1     Ron Teufel
2     Tom Platz
3     Carlos Rodriguez
4     Anthony Pandolfo
5     John Iacobelli
6     James Seitzer
7     David Mastorakis
8     Sammie Willis
9     Mike Arnold
10     Robert Jodkiewicz
11     Lionel Gaubert
12     James Gaubert
13     John Ruehlman
14     Ron Barrett

Muscular Development, Vol 15, No 6, Page 30, December 1978

Cincinati, Ohio
September 2, 1978
Reported by Jan Dellinger
ON SATURDAY evening, September the 2nd, bodybuilding aficionados from across the United States jammed into the majestic Cincinnati Music Hall auditorium to witness the main event in the realm of muscledom...the crowning of a new Mr. America.

As usual, this prestigious happening provided plenty of excitement and a few surprises. According to pre-contest gossip, most of those in attendance felt that it would be basically a one, or possibly, two-man competition. However, one of the most enticing features about bodybuilding is its unpredictability and it was evident on this occasion.

Placings in
Each Height Category
Results by Dave Sauer

Short Group

Ron Teufel
Tom Platz
Carlos Rodriguez
Tony Pandolfo
John Iacobelli
James Seitzer
Dave Mastorakis
Sammie Willis
Mike Arnold
Robert Jodkiewicz
Lionel Gaubert
James Gaubert
John Ruehlman
Ron Barrett
Medium Group

Tony Pearson
Larry Jackson
Richard Baldwin
Larry Gordon
Robert Reis
Ray Mentzer
Ron Mangum
Ron McBeath
Eddie Love
C. F. Smith
Don Ausmus
Doug Beaver
Fred Shandor
Sam Sanchez
Charles Thomas
Robert Klez
Keith Kephart
Gary Goss
James Nelson
Ron Buchanan
Tall Group

Manuel Perry
Clinton Beyerle
Gary Leonard
Rod Koontz
Frank Wainwright
William Nuckols
John Aldrich
Lou Perrotta

Mr. America
Tony Pearson
Most Muscular Man
Tony Pearson
Best Abdominals
Ron Teufel
Best Arms
Manuel Perry
Best Back
Larry Jackson
Best Chest
Larry Jackson
Best Legs
Tom Platz
Best Poser
Tony Pearson
Mr. America
Pose-down Results

Tony Pearson
Four 1st place votes
(Graham, Kuehn,
Miller & Wulff)
Ron Teufel
Two 1st place votes
(Manion & Mese)
Manuel Perry
One 1st place vote
Mike Graham,
Byron Hudson, Kent
Kuehn, Jim Manion,
John Mese, Rod
Miller, Harry Wulff
The proceedings got underway with a resounding bang as the legendary Bill Pearl commemorated the 25th anniversary of his 1953 Mr. America victory by staging an absolutely phenomenal posing display. This was a rare treat, indeed, for it afforded comparative newcomers-like this reporter-and long-time followers of the bodybuilding game an opportunity to watch the famed Pearl physique in action...and believe me, at the age of 48, he's still got it.

Needless to say, the crowd was definitely responsive to Pearl's efforts. In fact, each new pose generated more enthusiasm than the one before it. When he concluded, the audience showed its appreciation with a thunderous standing ovation.

Being the "class guy" that he is, Pearl reciprocated by addressing the zealous throng, expressing his fondness for bodybuilding and thanking fans everywhere for their loyal support.

The festivities' upbeat tempo heightened even more as the short class competitors for the Mr. America diadem filed out on stage. As one scrutinized this fine group of athletes, it was obvious that the judges had their work cut out for them. Naturally, the "smart money" was on Ron Teufel because he won this class and finished third overall at last year's Mr. A contest. Plus he had quite a streak going for himself this year, taking such highly regarded titles as Mr. USA and Mr. California. The latter award is a particularly good omen, for in recent years winners of this contest have used it as a stepping stone to the Mr. America crown. However, as we shall soon see, it was not to be in Ron's case.

Keeping the pressure on Teufel in the short division were such men as Tom "Mr. Legs" Platz, Sammie Willis, the fast-rising Gaubert brothers, Lionel and James, the current Jr. Mr. California, Robert Jodkiewicz, Tony Pandolfo and Dave Mastorakis.

When it was all said and done, Ron Teufel prevailed, with Platz coming second and Carlos Rodriguez, a newcomer to AAU Mr. America competition, taking third.

Talk about a star-studded lineup...get a load of some of the big names that vied for the top spot in the medium height division...C. F. Smith, Ray Mentzer, Florida physique sensation, Richard Baldwin, Doug "the Bear" Beaver-who was third in this class last year- Larry Jackson, winner of the tall class at the Mr. California contest, Tony Pearson, current Jr. Mr. America and Jr. Mr. USA, Robert Reis and Eddie Love.

Here again, the panel of judges had some tough choices to make. But, after considerable deliberation, they had Pearson in first, Jackson second and Baldwin in third.

For the second year in a row, two Californians, Manuel Perry and Clint Beyerle, finished one-two in the tall man competition. After watching these men pose, many observers thought Beyerle may have a chance of upsetting Perry, due to the fact that the latter appeared a bit too smooth. However, the judges did not concur with their opinion.

Third place went to another fast-rising physique-man who was making his first bid for the Mr. A title, Gary Leonard. Rounding out the field in this class was Rod Koontz, a bodybuilder / powerlifter who possesses a rugged build, John Aldrich, 1978 Mr. Iowa, Frank Wainwright, current Mr. PA, Bill Nuckols and Lou Perrotta.

After the tall class had been decided, the moment of truth had arrived. The individual height class winners Teufel, Pearson and Perry were summoned to the stage to give everyone one last look before the final decision was made.

Then everything quieted down and the announcer asked for the envelope containing the name of the winner. As the entire auditorium sat with bated breath, the suspense mounted rapidly. Finally, the announcer declared Tony Pearson 1978 Mr. America.

For some unknown reason, no mention was made as to who was the runner-up and third-place man overall. While there may be a logical explanation for neglecting these awards, it seems to me that the bodybuilding fans who shelled out their hard-earned dollars to see this event were shortchanged to a degree.

Nevertheless, as is often the case, the verdict created quite a bit of controversy among the spectators. Many of the Teufel and Perry rooters reacted vehemently against the decision, claiming that the winner's incomplete calf development impaired his symmetry.

Looking at it objectively, though, many of the experts felt that Teufel appeared slightly overtrained. Reportedly, Ron had reduced his food intake drastically the last couple of days prior to the contest so as to shed a little unwanted bulk and enhance his muscularity which he did. However, he may have overdone it a bit and therefore, their criticism may have been valid.

As far as Manuel Perry is concerned, I have already covered the reason which more than likely led to his downfall. However, in all fairness, I should add that his physique exhibited a great deal of massiveness, particularly his arms.

On the other hand, Pearson partisans maintained that their man had a good combination of size and exceptional muscularity and also had a hot streak of his own, copping the Jr. Mr. America and Jr. Mr. USA titles this year. This, in their mind, made him more than deserving.

Bear in mind too that four of the seven judges gave Pearson first-place votes while Teufel and Perry only got two and one first-place votes respectively.

In addition to winning the Mr. America title, Tony Pearson also corralled two of the sought-after subdivision awards: Most Muscular Man and Best Poser. Other subdivision winners were:

Best Abdominals-Ron Teufel
Best Arms-Manuel Perry
Best Back-Larry Jackson
Best Chest-Larry Jackson
Best Legs-Tom Platz
In closing, I'd like to extend my congratulations to the organizers of the contest in Cincinnati and to those men whose task it was to select this year's Mr. America. * *

1979 Mr America - AAU

Overall Winner Ray Mentzer

1     Gary Leonard
2     Dave Rogers
3     Clint Beyerle
4     John Kemper
5     Rod Koontz
6     John Brown
7     Caesar Juliani
8     Frank Calta
9     Robert Jordan
10     Gregory Comeaux
11     Patrick Hayes
12     Douglas Williams
13     Paul Montminy
14     Doug Nagy
15     James Buckley
16     Mark Brazen

1     Ray Mentzer
2     Greg DeFerro
3     Joe Means
4     Les Galvin
5     Mario Nieves
6     Billy Arlen
7     Stephen Sepaniak
8     Richard Baldwin
9     Robert Reis
10     Jesse Gautreaux
11     Gary Goss
12     Ron Magnum
13     Casey Schneider
14     James Allen (2)
15     Tom Alaimo
16     Sam Sanchez
17     Michael Farley
18     Fred Shandor
19     John Mazos

1     Ron Teufel
2     James Seitzer
3     Robert Jodkiewicz
4     Ernie Santiago
5     Anthony Pandolfo
6     Don Peterson
7     David Campbell (1)
8     James Gaubert
9     James Underwood
10     Lionel Gaubert
11     Ken Passariello
12     Wesley Brown
13     Steve Gross
14     John Ruehlman

Muscular Development, Vol 16, No 6, Page 28, December 1979

By the Editor
still to be typed in

Mr America

Class A

Ron Teufel
Jim Seitzer
Bob Jodkiewicz
Ernest Santiago
Tony Pandolfo
Don Peterson
David Campbell
David Mastorakis
James Gaubert
James Underwood
Lionel Gaubert
Wesley Brown
Steve Gross
John Ruehlman
Class B

Ray Mentzer
Greg Deferro
Joe Means
Les Galvin
Mario Nieves
Bill Arlen
Stephen Sepaniak
Richard Baldwin
Robert Reis
Jessie Gautreaux
Gary Goss
Ron Mangum
Casey Schneider
James Allen
Alex McNeil
Tommy Alaimo
Sam Sanchez
Micheal Farley
Fred Shandor
John Mazo
Class C

Gary Leonard
Dave Rogers
Clinton Beyerle
John Kemper
Rod Koontz
John Brown
Caesar Juliani
Frank Calta
Bob Jordan
Gregory Comeaux
Patrick Hayes
Douglas Williams
Frank Wainwright
Paul Montminy
Douglas Nagy
James Buckery
Mark Brazen
Subdivision Winners

Best Abdominals
Ron Teufel
Best Arms
Gary Leonard
Best Back
Ray Mentzer
Best Legs
Ray Mentzer
Best Chest
Don Pederson
Best Poser
John Brown
Most Muscular
Greg Deferro
- Mr. America for 1979 is Ray Mentzer from Ephrata, Phennsylvania, but now living in California. Ray also won trophies for Best Legs and Best Back plus his height division. His size and musularity made the difference.

- Doc Neely (left) and Jim Manion, Physique Chairman, congratulate Ray on his Mr. America vicotry. Doc Neely and his staff dis a fine job on the contest.

- Greg Defarro won Most Muscular.

- Ron Teufel won his height class (short) and took the Best Abdominal trophy. He looked very musuclar in the contest.

- Gary Leonard was one of the favorites. he won his height class (tall) and the Best Arms trophy.

- A view of some of the Class-A contestants in the lineup. The massiveness of the lettering AMERICA in the background make the setting even more dramatic.

- Dave Rogers placed second in his class division and looked heavier and mroe muscular than when he appeared on our cover in 1978, the October edition.

- The top contestants in the tall class lineup. Extreme right is John Brown whose posing routien was nicely done. He got the Best Poser award...and deserved it.

- Jim Seltzer placed 2nd to Ron Teufel. He was among those favored in the short class.

- Bob Jodkiewicz, short class, placed 3rd.

- Joe Means was back on the scene. He picked up a 3rd.

- Clint Beyerle also placed 3rd in Class-C.

- The top men in the medium height class. From left: Dick Baldwin, Mario Nieves, Greg Deferro, Ray Mentzer and Joe Means. All potential winners.

- Two well-built contestants; Bill Arlen (left) and Les Galvin.

- A fine pose of Richard Baldwin.

- Mario Nieves displays a great physique.

- Another impressive musular pose of the winner, Ray Mentzer.

- Mr. America waves his hands in a victorious gesture while the huge throng that packed the auditorium that night applauded vociferously. Unidentified young lady and fellow (on right) gave out trophies. The massive lettering can be appreciated in this photo by Denie.

1980 Mr America - AAU

Overall Winner Gary Leonard

1     Gary Leonard
2     Greg DeFerro
3     Lance Dreher
4     John Kemper
5     Billy Arlen
6     John Brown
7     Ray Wilson
8     Rufus Howard
9     Marlon Darton
10     Stephen Sepaniak
11     Robert Reis
12     Dave Rogers

1     Bronston Austin
2     Ron Teufel
3     Ernie Santiago
4     Charles Glass
5     James Seitzer
6     Robert Jodkiewicz
7     Paul Love
8     Larry Jackson (1)
9     Raymond Gingo
10     Patrick Hayes
11     Jesse Gautreaux
12     George Palmiero

1     Richard Baldwin
2     Bill Register
3     Casey Schneider
4     Mike Torchia
5     Derek Prescod
6     Charles Colson
7     Anthony Pandolfo
8     Ed Holmes
9     Earl Herndon
10     Philip Cianciolo
11     James Gaubert
12     David Campbell (1)

1     Ken Passariello
2     John Burkholder
3     Joe Distinti
4     Larry Manuel
5     Paul Daniels
6     Joe Adams
7     John Manoogian
8     Lionel Gaubert
9     Robert DePalma
10     Cornell Maye
11     Dean Tornabene


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