Author Topic: 10-22-07: Titus Trial postponed until Sept 2008 with new prosecutor  (Read 13298 times)


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Last week the defendants (Titus and Ryan) filed motions for the list of witness not intended to be called. Kelly Ryan also filed a motion of “request for discovery and for disclosure of all exculpatory evidence”. It appears Robert Daskas is now off the case and has been replaced with Joshua Romsheck.

The court records list Mr. Romsheck’s info as:

* Hired as Deputy District Attorney: March 2005.
* 10 Jury Trails (Murder, Kidnapping (2 Cases), Coercion, Sexual Assault, Child Abuse With Deadly Weapon, Lewdness With a Minor Under 14 (2 Cases), Battery Resulting in Substantial Bodily Harm, Robbery, Trafficking in Controlled Substance).

This will obviously be his biggest career case.

More interesting information came from last week’s court session:

Court reviewed the Supreme Court Opinion dated 10/11/07 which indicates defendants can have the attorneys of their choice but the conflict waiver must be in writing; therefore, COURT ORDERED, matter CONTINUED for same. IN ADDITION, counsel are to provide something in writing indicating defendants have been advised of their right to seek independent counsel regarding all issues contained in the Opinion. Colloquy reference potential trial dates. Mr. Palazzo stated deft. Gross is severed and that trial needs to be set after the instant trial. Mr. Tomsheck stated he may be able to schedule this matter for June 2008, however, he has to verify whether he can move some other matters. If not, the soonest he could be ready is September/October 2008. Court NOTED once it sets the trial date, it will be a firm setting and it expects counsel to be prepared to go on that date. Mr. Saggese advised they’ve provided defendants Titus and Ryan with a copy of the Opinion last night.

Titus & Ryan remain in custody while Gross is out on bond but still on house arrest. The matter will pick up again on October 24, 2007. This 10am session with cover a status check on waiver & canvass, Denue’s motion to withdraw as Ryan’s counsel and a trial setting for all parties.


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Re: 10-22-07: Titus Trial postponed until Sept 2008 with new prosecutor
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I guess they can actually start this trial somewhere around 2017-2018.