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Metabolic Bodybuilding Classic Methods.

Learn them both, plug and play for the rest of your life based on YOUR goal and YOUR Lifestyle.

What is "Metabolic Bodybuilding"?

Simply, it's Classic/Golden Era Method INTENSITY based bodybuilding programming, with emphasis on traditional Full-Body lifts 2-3 X per week on a regular basis, 4-5 for specific purposes only. But they also can be incorporated into a 4 day per week "Split" of 2 Upper and 2 Lower Training Days.

The intent and goal is GLOBAL METABOLIC CONDITIONING along with physique development.

The Metabolic Bodybuilding lifts are:

Higher Volume, higher rep, rep based workouts with moderate weight.

The HIT lifts are Lower Volume, Lower Rep, time based workouts with heavier weight.

Either way you are going to get max impact.

Traditional HIT is more geared towards maximizing growth

Method 1: Single Set HIT Training w/time-based sets

Method 2: Single Set HIT Training w/rep-based sets (transition into volume style approach)

Method 3: Metabolic Super/Tri-Set Training with rep-based sets (volume impact approach)

Metabolic Bodybuilding is going to give you the conditioning aspect while not sacrificing muscle using Supersetting and Tri-setting and gets into more of the Physique Sculpting side of the Classic/Golden Eras.

With both you are going to get conditioned it's just really what you want to focus on right now. You can always progress from one into the other and interchange them.

I always encourage combining them but how your days go will influence that, for example if you are shorter on time then the HIT workouts would be a better option whereas the Metabolic Bodybuilding workouts will take longer. Those are all things that are discussed and will be adapted to fit your needs.

After the 12 week learn & apply startup where each methodology is learned, implemented and understood from there the individual chooses what they want to work on and they have the lifelong tools they need to achieve it.

The guys I usually encourage HIT workouts with a few Metabolic Bodybuilding workouts sprinkled in each month whereas women I usually encourage the opposite, Metabolic Bodybuilding with a few HIT workouts sprinkled in a month.

Programming will be simplified but the diversity in programming options is totally unique in modern times, it's CLASSIC!


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