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Bulgaria & Romania join the EU

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Hmmm, what qualifies as "euro" these days? What's next? Russia perhaps or maybe Morocco, that sounds good ::)

What you don't consider Romania and Bulgaria European? What do you think it is then?


--- Quote from: BroadStreetBruiser on January 01, 2007, 10:02:57 PM ---Hmmm, what qualifies as "euro" these days? What's next? Russia perhaps or maybe Morocco, that sounds good ::)

--- End quote ---

Russia is definitely a part of Europe.

Did you sleep during the geography classes? ???

As far as Russia becoming a member of the EU, now that's a different issue. It won't. Not only because it's situated in Asia as well, or because Russia currently has some problems to clear some of the qualifications for becoming a member of the European Union, but also because Russia wish to remain an independent.

My guess is that the rest of the countries, even Ukraine, Belarus (once Lukasjenko is out of office) will join forces.

Look for Norway to join fairly soon as well, getting the best deal in history, being the richest or the second richest country in the world gives them a good hand to deal with.

During the 90's and the early 2000's, EU has been nothing short of a huge success. It has opened up trade and borders between the members, and all countries that have joined EU are enjoying a tremendous growth in their economies. The Baltic States, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, relatively poor countries when joining the EU.

Now we can see how the economies in these three countries are booming, another example being the Chech Republic IMO. A country which used to be eastern bloc, but today has lots of high-tech industries and is growing.


Nordic Superman:
Russia stretches too far (as Easterly as China) to be considered fully European.

Maybe they they split off the capital Moscow and a fair western portion of Russia and rename it as "The European Republic of Russia".

They could also make it democratic whilst they're at it... :D

The EU is only further watering down it's racial stock by allowing these slavic knuckle draggers into the union


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