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Ideas for filling jobs here and dropping poverty rates without welfare

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I wrote a blurb about a paper involving my theories on this and how we could still survive with illegals out of the country.  Take welfare and taxes out of the equation and come up with something you think could work within the US system.  I'm interested as to what people think because both sides of the political spectrum here are in agreement about the immigration system.  Throw the ideas out there.  Take away hatred for Bush and imagine you were going to present the new president with your idea.  Go.

Completely overhaul the welfare system.    It's still needed, but not to the extent that it's being used.  Put in safe guards to prevent abuse fo the new system such as time limts, reviews, etc...  I bet we could cut costs by 50% meaing 50% of the people on it shouldn't be on it.

Legalize certain non-victimized crimes. Prostitution and weed definatly.  Tax and regulate those items heavily and increase the penalties for trafficing higher end drugs such as crank, coke, heroin etc...

Increase tax breaks for small business Allowing them to compete with larger companies such as walmart with their lower prices.

Increase vocational education in public schools  Allowing kids to compete in teh job market quicker.

Standardize what can be considered legitamate reasons for a malpractice suit.    Combine that with affordable programs for health care

these are just off the top of my head.  probably could think of much more

good ideas...anyone else?

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