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Don't forget the still open, Olympia Gym in Ridgewood, Queens, NY on Fresh Pond Rd.  It still has the same feel even though Al Fives retired recently.

One of the best was ran// owned by Kevin Greene (ex Auburn DE/ RAM NFL All PRO) in Lynnlock shopping Center outside of FT McClellan Alabama.. Kevin had it hot tough and was a heaven for gettin in and getten  the job done. He rana  top shop and yep, chalk every
where mind you there were some local red necks who would venture in and "think" and Pretend... but when the real weight began clanking and slamming and the grunting and pose downs began.... the local little boys when home to Momma... and the Men continued to "Get-It- On" ( as Big John says in the ring...)

there is still saha and kouwwa gym in beirut the old hardcore, dungeon like gym, where samir mr. o bannout and ahmad haidar (among other bbers like ali malla, ed kawwak and mo moussawi) had started their first years in it...a real hardcore one

The Gym, Honolulu Hawaii on Keawe was the epitome of hardcore. 

Eagle Gym in St. Louis, MO, as hardcore a gym as you'll ever see.


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