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Big N:
So how can we add something different to Getbig, the #1 leading internet forum in BodyBuilding?
I pitched this idea to Ron, to try something new and help GetBig gain additional growth with some different areas of creativity. I'm pretty sure anything related with Business/Technology have been posted about before. But it'd be nice if it was more organized, and had it's own section with proper moderation. That being said, subjects and discussions could be;

- Business; creative ideas, suggestions, marketing, finance, enterprises, firms, services, consumers, stock market, company profiles, financial advice, global economy, federal/state/local business laws and goverment regulations, wholesale distributions, etc.

- Technology; multimedia, internet, telecommunications, wireless applications, consumer electronics, science, computers, software, internet tools, domains, graphics, web designers, managed servers, invention and innovation, tech. news, etc.

Big N


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