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The best diet I ever went on....

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borderline chronic renal failure!!!  Yessir, if you absolutely, positively gotta drop from 245 to 218 in three weeks try this!  Well this is an attempt to take the piss out of my current state.  I am 24 years old and have been using since age 21.  My cycle's have been Test 750mgs, Deca 300mgs, Dbol 25mgs a day, Tren 75 eod, Anavar 30mgs a day at the most and never all at once.  I've mixed three compounds into one cycle at most.  I have gone as much as 14 weeks into cycles and always had at least the same amount of time off as on.  Now here I am, facing impaired renal function and unable to keep the size I worked for since age 14.  I haven't weighed anything less than 225lbs since 2001.  I carried 268lbs-250lbs for two years.  I had recently embarked on a cycle of Test Prop 600mgs a week, deca phen 300 mgs a week for the first 6 weeks, and anavar at 30 mgs a day for the following 5 in an attempt to finally cut up.  Well I noticed side effects and they all matched up with kidney failure so I went to the doctor and here we are.  I can't even begin to describe what this is like for me.  Every day someone comes up to me and asks me why I'm losing weight.  Am I sick?  I am going insane with this.  I hate this shit.  What the f**k did I do that all these fucking pros aren't doing at more extreme levels?  I have no one to blame but myself. I can't help but feel betrayed by my own judgement.  Anyone got any thoughts on the possiblity of this happening to you and what you would do?

the quiet is deafening.  i didn't want to ever picture myself in this situation either.  well now it's reality and I'm under doctor's orders to not work out at all. don't keep pretending you don't notice the sides boys cuz it ain't all good.

If you're telling the truth:

You're an unlucky one.  Its one of the reasons I don't go near gear either - because I believe I would be another. 

What are the ramifications?  Will your kidneys fail or are you just "at the point" where more will cause  it?

you likely have a genetic disposition for this to occur. Just one of the risks.

Robert E. Lee:
Damn dude, that really sux.  Like he said, you're just sensitive to it more so than others.  Best wishes for a full recovery.


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