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Do you miss this guy? He even had a poem written about him
There is a man who sailed the seas,
to wage war on the enemies,
He would have fought so gallantly,
alas, if not, for his wounded knee

He checked his watch, and had a hunch,
that he just might be the first for lunch,
To the galley! he cried, and bid farewell,
then bolted for the ships stairwell,

But a man like he, was born to lose,
the stupid prick never tied his shoes.
The crash was like a nuclear bomb,
as cowhead hit the stairs full on,
how quickly things had gone so wrong.

Help me sir! he cried in pain,
i'll never bodybuild again!
but cowhead's cries were all in vain,
the casevac had never came.

So up he got, and faked a limp,
it's time to milk this, thought the human blimp,
I'll claim disability, and PTSD
and surely then i'll live for free,
stealing parking spaces from the elderly
its going to be so great, said he.

Some say he's a lying twat,
who looks like shit whether thin or fat,
but no not me, i won't stand for that!
cause Mike's my friend and that is that!

where the fuck is navy mike? Does he posst elsewhere?


--- Quote from: johnthegreat687 on December 01, 2016, 02:27:02 PM ---where the fuck is navy mike? Does he posst elsewhere?

--- End quote ---

last time was when he was on md and I responded(as Guy Hungwell) to something he posted, then he disapeared for a bit, then Vince claimed to have "ran| NM off GB and I posted you ran him off. Great times

--- Quote from: Navy_Mike;4023340 ---yes of course you need proof. That's why I'm not saying he did do it or didn't do it. I'm just saying its insane that everyone is saying "no way he did it" "he's a great guy". You know that how? Be cause you watched a few videos of him cooking fish or grocery shopping? Or because he comes here and post some funny sarcastic stuff every once in a while? What if that kid really did get slapped and your calling him a lier because you "know" Evan. That's just a incredibly messed up way of looking at the situation
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Guy Hungwell;4023516 ---Proof?
Are you not the guy who got ran off another site because you braggingly posted pics of your 2 mustangs and had a disability sticker on the car while your hashtag with pics of you legpressing ridiculous weight or some shit but you post the above nonsense

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Vince Goodrum;4023789 ---Getbig didn't run Navy Mike off....I RAN HIM OFF. Here's his last post before I buried him permanantly. He's a disgrace to all of us who served collecting money that doesn't belong to him and bragging about it
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Guy Hungwell;4023828 ---Josh ran him off, stop taking credit for shit you did not do
They deleted posts and threads that had nothing to do with your above prior to him leaving, they just deleted all the stuff and it looks like yours was the last
--- End quote ---

he still posts on MD


People always see the tough side of you.

Tell us the good side of you


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